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for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. happening now, eric holder is in the bay area talking about sentencing. bob riddell joins us live where the announcement is being made bob. >> reporter: speaking moments ago, u.s. attorney general eric holder announcing at the american bar association meeting that, quote, we must face reality that in too many ways our criminal justice system is broken especially when it comes to the explosion of this country's prison population hence, this morning's announcement on a new policy change towards the war on drugs. he pointed out that if you look at our population we comprise 5% of the world's population and yet house 25% of the jail population. half for drug offenses. he says the idea of jail should be to punish and rehabilitate not to warehouse and forget and says what we've got going on right now is inefficient and unsustainable. so to deal with this he is now directing his 94 u.s. attorneys throughout the country to stop charging people with low level drug crimes that result in mandatory minimum sentences and e
there good morning to one and all. thank you very much for joining us, i'm june kelly. marla tellez has the day off. >>> nothing short of an exceptionally emotional day for students and staff as they return to school this morning. they are mourning the death of a classmate and a teenager killed in an overnight crash. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in danville right now with more from a community simply in shock. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it is the first day of school and certainly a sad one here at san ramon valley high school. three seniors riding in a car last night, there was a crash and one of them died. now, what should have started as very happy day here actually started with a moment of silence for the students at around 9:00 this morning and the heartbreaking announcement this morning, flowers and a sign are up, actually, on el capitan and that's where the accident site was for 17-year-old robert orlando. he was the senior here. this morning, students arrived to find grief counselors on campus. many tell us that they actually heard the grim
. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm a he jon kelley. good morning, everyone. the shooting that marla mention happened at a home on gormley avenue in oakland, a few blocks away from the 98th avenue exit off interstate 880 where nbc bay area's christie smith is now with an update from police. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a horrible story, a little baby boy shot and killed. i just spoke with an aunt who was shaken up and didn't want to go on camera, but she says she was inside the home when all this happened, that there was a houseful of children and adults, they were all sleeping when suddenly, they heard rapid gunfire coming from the rear of the home and what happened next just shocked everyone. i wanted to show you what neighbors have been leaving here, happened within the last couple of minutes, people walking up here in tears. two people were hit and the family identified the littlest victim as 1-year-old drew jackson. they call him baby drew. they say he was laying with his dad, 20-year-old andrew thomas, who was also s
, thanks for being with us, i'm marla tellez. jon kelley has the day off. we do have coverage of the bay bridge closure. mike inouye is keeping an eye on the roads withes, but begin with christie smith, who just got an update on the construction. she is live in oakland now with more. good morning, christie. >> reporter: good morning to you you marla. well, this is certainly what you want to hear on a project like this that has had so many setbacks over the years. caltrans just updated us and basically told us that everything is looking good on this project with the overnight construction and demolition of the old bridge connected to the new eastern portion of the bay bridge. now, one of the critical areas is the grinding of the asphalt leading to the toll plaza. new asphalt will be laid down. everywhere you look this morning, heavy equipment out there on the road since the closure last night at 8:00. now, some of the last work on the 6 had $6.4 billion span, that's what's going on, designed to be more seismically safe before it can open up. 32 rods have failed earlier this year but the f
. good morning, everybody, thanks a lot for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> good morning, i'm marla tellez. the fire broke out about 6:20 this morning on public storage on felipe avenue not far from the 101/280 interchange. bob redell joins us live from the scene with the latest on this investigation. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla and jon. the san jose fire department is not saying if this fire has destroyed four units at the public storage facility on felipe avenue is suspicious but they do admit that it is odd that a fire would start on its own in the storage unit early in the morning. an investigator will try to figure out if this was intentional or if this was causesed by stored chemicals, bad electrical work or something else, still to be determined. the call went out at 6:20 this morning, smoke visible from 1901/280 interchange next door. fire department had to call for a third alarm. they had to cut into other units to prevent extension, a lot of work trying to put this out. they also had to exercise extreme caution, not knowing what was in these units w
, everybody, thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. >>> homicide detectives are at the scene of a peninsula apartment complex this morning. east palo alto police found the body of a woman stabbed to death at the woodland park apartments on newell road. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the scene with how a man already in jail led officers to the woman's body. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla and jon. a veteran detective with east palo alto police tells us that this is a first for him, the first time he has ever had a suspect while in police custody, openly volunteer the location of someone they allegedly killed that suspect is the boyfriend of the woman found stabbed to death this morning inside that apartment complex there, the one with the green siding not far from willow and 101. the woman's grief-stricken family, including a brother, have been gathering at the scene of the crime, trying to gather details of what led up to the murder. this is what police told her so far. last night, police arrest herd boyfriend for driving unde
>>> good friday morning, everybody, thanks for joining us i'm jon kelley. >> i'm janelle wang in for marla tellez. >>> the city of richmond is taking action against chevron. this morning, constituent filed a lawsuit against the company over last year's massive refinery fire. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was there when the complaint was filed. she joins us live in richmond with more. jodi? >> reporter: well, it's official, attorneys representing the city of richmond filed this lawsuit against chevron this morning saying this case is a prime example of a corporation putting profits before public safety. now, we were there this morning as attorneys filed the 39-page complaint with the contra costa county superior court. that complaint alleges that chevron had knowledge of the dangerous condition of the pipe that caused last year's refinery fire, yet never bothered to fix it. now, it points out that chevron's richmond refinery has had 14 separate incidents in which toxins were released into the air since 1989. the suit says the city and the people of richmond have suffered tremen
, specifically in irwin dale. fire crews on scene tell us there are between 30 and 40 victims. the bus apparently crashed into a big rig. this happened less than an hour ago. chopper above the scene this is a live look here, you just see the backup this is in the east bound direction. >> wow. >> the cars on the right side of your screen, westbound, moving looks like nearly at the limit but we have video earlier of the accident and it shows dozens of fire and ambulances responding on scene, as you can imagine. a medical helicopter landed in the middle of the freeway to take victims to the hospital. >> no word on deaths but again, a tour bus overturns near l.a. there are nearly 30 to 40 people being treated. we will keep an eye on this breaking news story for you and you can see in this video, this is now video of someone on the stretcher being take answer way. >> wow a rough scene down there >> good morning, thanks for being with us, i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everyone. >>> happening now, a wildfire on the outxoifrts yosemite has more than trip reallied in size with 2500 bu
♪ >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> welcome back, miss tellez. we missed you. >> thank you very much. >> i'm jon kelley. top story today, bay area commuters dodging a serious bullet here that b.a.r.t. diverted. at the last minute, governor jerry brown kept the trains rolling. christie smith has the latest update reporting from the b.r.t. station. >> good morning. a real sense of relief from commuters who said they lost sleep over this. they weren't sure how they were going to get to work. the governor's board of inquiry, they say they're not sure what to expect. >> reporter: it was business as usual at b.a.r.t. trains running, passengers sleeping, strike averted ending the uncertainty for now. >> kind of stressful because really i depend on b.a.r.t. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s know ghosh ygating union got the wor to look into the stalled talks. >> i'm very, very glad he did because now we can maybe have a little bit more time to get some action taken so we can solve this. i mean, if people want us to use mass tra
us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. san jose police are home located on cinderella lane, a few blocks away from story road. nbc bay area's bob redell with the first reporter on scene. he has been talking to neighbors all morning long. bob, right now, starting to hear that tense situation may soon be over, correct? >> yes, just a few seconds ago to my right, an ambulance just left the scene. we believe that the suspect is tt being atu)tjt treated for an unknown injury. we also spoke with officers who have been guarding the perimeter here at sunset and cinderella and teill there might be a secod suspect, something that the man in custody indicated to police, they are just trying to confirm. police arrested this man 40 minutes ago after he tried elude police for a couple of hours. he's young man in his 20s but for i'lhim, proved very difficu to elude police, considering there were roughly 100 officers surrounding this area, woman is their guns drawn. when san jose's version of s.w.a.t. arrived they can went door to door, house to house, until they found him. took roughly 20
." for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley has the day off. we will have much more on the crisis in syria in a moment. >>> but first, clues in san jose had to work quickly to rescue a grandmother who is stuck in a house that caught fire. nbc bay area's bob redell is on the scene with the very latest now. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. she is in critical condition. we spoke with her grandson not too long ago who lives with her and his uncle. he tells us that there was at least one working smoke alarm in their home here behind me on commodore drive. this is in san jose. there was one of those alarms that woke them up around quarter to nine this morning and if it had been much later, he might have never woken up, he tells me when he hopped out of bed, the smoke in his room had already extended from the ceiling down to his niece, making the upper half of the room unbreathable and impossible to see through. he called 911, escaped okay, so did his uncle, treated for smoke inhalation, however,
showing us images of children actually evacuating that school and police officers on the campus. police do have a suspect in custody. we are told no one has been hurt. again, reports of shots fired at an elementary school near atlanta and police do have a suspect in custody. good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. jon kelley and marla tellez have the day off. >>> police in san jose are on the hunt for a gunman who shot three people at a restaurant, killing one of them. shots fired last night at 10:00 at the wong hung restaurant on alum rock avenue near capital avenue. nbc bay area's arturo santiago live at the scene with the latest. he joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. police investigators that had been here all night long since the shooting happened cleared the scene a short time ago. they finished gathering evidence but it's stale very gory scene inside. now, nearly a dozen bullet holes are clearly visible on the outside of the restaurant cafe. just inside the door, there's a pool of blood that has yet to be cleaned up. now you around
♪ >>> good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. jon kelley has the day off. >>> detectives in san jose are trying to figure out if a security guard was in the right when he shot a suspected auto burglar. it happened in a quiet neighborhood in the al man dan area of san jose at an apartment complex for senior citizens. bob redell is live at the scene now with the latest. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. you can see over my shoulder, detectives have arrived back out here toe do a follow-up on their investigation. if you look to the left inside the parking lot, you can see the shadow of auto glass where the suspected auto burglar was shot this morning. that shooter, an off-duty security guard is voluntarily meeting with police now so they can determine whether he broke any laws when he fired his gun. 1:30 this morning, the guard on his way home, when he spotted a man trying to break into his father's car parked here at the senior complex. there was a confront tate, security guard tried to detain the man that didn't work. the man hoppe
morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. >>> that standoff started at 8:00 this morning at a home on coachella avenue, near san miguel elementary school. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the scene with more video of this dramatic ending. bob, i know you were out there at the time of these gunshots. >> reporter: good morning to you, yes, you are correct, good morning to you, marla and jon, sunnyvale police confirmed they have shot and killed that suspect and unfortunately, found another person, an adult woman, dead inside that home on coachella and san pedro. they have been trying over a loud speaker around phone to get that man inside the home to surrender, this was about two hours, this is after he called 911 around 8:00 this morning to say he had killed someone inside. police telling us he would not respond to their orders. an hour ago, 10 this morning, sunnyvale s.w.a.t. moved in with armored vehicles, approached the man's house with weapons drawn to again issue the order to surrender. >> come out with your hands up. [ gunshots ] >> re
morning, everybody, thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. >>> now to developing news we are following in walnut creek where authorities are look for burglars who put the smash in smash and grab. take a look at this. they used a truck to ram the front of this tiffany's store this morning but as nbc bay area's bob redell is about to show us, the burglars didn't get away with much. bob, good morning. >> reporter: this is an example of big risk, little reward, by ramming a stolen pickup into the front of this tiffany's, these four men exposed themselves to security cameras and several witnesses. and for what? they apparently didn't realize just how hard it would be to get the really expensive stuff once inside. a gutsy move in plain sight of the morning commute of downtown walnut creek. around 5:45 this morning, thieves in a pickup truck stolen out of citrus heights bust into the front end of tiffany's, a high-end jewelry store at south main and mount diablo. four men in hoodies made entry where it appears they spent more time trying to break i
the scene. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm john kelly. good morning, everybody. take everybody out there and look hat we are talking about here. you can see big-time backup going on all morning long here, rain, sleet or dark of night. not much you can do about this. the crash happened six hours ago in sinole. this one continues to be a headache, impact for commute for drive earth all across the east bail. nbc bay area's bob redell now live at that scene, he has all the latest. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and marla. do not use northbound 680 over sunol grade unless you absolutely have to. i entered on washington boulevard, drove to this location right here, which is between andrade and calavaras, only a couple of miles and it took me a good hour. you can see y traffic here to your right is limited to the far left lane and the shoulder and of course, at issue is this truck right here, which is still laying here in the road. the good news is you want to wait till this is reopened and chp is now saying that could be as soon as noon. initial
>>> good morning, thanks for being with us. >> reporter: frames from the burning wreckage of ups cargo flight 1354 lit up the early morning sky. the plane was en route from louisville, kentucky, when it crashed on approach to the airport, a half mile from a runway into an open field. >> we saw smoke and debris, straight across the field. it was quite scary. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard a loud explosion before the plane hit the ground. >> i heard one. thin i heard the sputtering over the house and the loud boom when the plane crashed or hit the ground. but it was -- it was terrifying. >> reporter: the "today" show this morning, birmingham's mayor says the only victims of the crash were the crew on the plane. >> it's my understanding that the only individuals involved a pilot and co-pilot. >> reporter: local police say both were killed. ups has not released their names. in the morning light, what remains of the plane's fuselage can be seen strewn across the hillside. ntsb go team left washington this morning to begin its initial investigation into the crash. weather in the
>>> nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning, everyone. thanks as always for joining us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. happening right now, crews are starting to finally gain some ground on the wild fire burning out in yosemite. it is 15% contained. that is up monumentally. that is up 7%. so far we can tell you nearly 150,000 acres have burned. that's roughly for perspective here about the entire size of the city of chicago and crews are working very hard to protect 4500 structures including some homes out there. among the buildings already destroyed, the berkeley tuolumme camp. nbc bay area's jay gray is live with the latest from the front lines. jay, this has been rough all!/ e way around. >> yeah, it has, jon. while progress is being made, not near enough at this point. you can see the thick smoke hanging in the air here. small towns like this one really literally in the line of fire right now. this area serving as a base camp for the crews trying to hold the flames back. >> as the sun pushes through the smokey haze it reveals signs of the fire and the fi
, thanks for being with us, i'm marla tellez, jon kelley has the day off. >>> clock is ticking, the bay bridge closure set to begin at 8:00 tonight. as you can see from this countdown clock, we are less than nine hours away from the complete shut down. more on the closure, let's head out to nbc bay area's christie smith live on treasure island. are the crews ready for all this, christie, after all this time? >> reporter: yeah, they are. and good morning to you, marla. if you juaned to take one last nostalgic trip over the bay bridge now a good time because transportation planners say they are expected an accelerated evening commute, people trying to hurry up and get out of san francisco before 8:00 deadline tonight when the final work begins on the new even span. the heavy equipment is lined up to connect with the new $6.4 billion span. they are going to be doing grading and strike and demolition. the five-day closure means commuters can use b.a.r.t., ac transit, ferris offering more service. access to the bridge will be shut off by the chp this evening on ramps that lead to the bridge
sjjjt and thanks being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everyone, we begin vallejo as search crews are back out trying to find a federal investigator from oakland who has been missing since sunday. you are looking live right now that search scene. crew there is using sonar at shab bow lake in sal lan know county. a search under way right now trying to find sandra koch. at this hour, investigators not their search on those fairground it is. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the command post this morning. christie, a person of interestg& linked to sandra koch is in custody but so far, he is not being named as a suspect in her disappearance. good morning. >> good morning. that's exactly right. you know, and sheriff deputies have been out here on this lake behind six flags for over an hour. they have had a boat out w1rñhe and this is part of a massive search that's been going on all morning, actually started yesterday, to find any sign of sandra koch. meantime, investigators are also telling us that they had a chance to speak with that person of interest, a high
believes the attack was justified as a way to protect islamic and taliban leaders from u.s. forces in afghanistan and in iraq. a big day down there thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. >>> the fire burning in yosemite, less than seven days this fire has grown to almost the size of san jose, as crews struggled to get ahold of these flames. nbc bay area's bob redell is in the newsroom with the latest on the rim fire. bob? >> reporter: good morning, jon, marla. the san francisco fire department is the latest bay area agency to be called upon to help put out what is turning out to be a very large, very serious event. this is a video just came in from the fire station located 19th and fulsom within the past hour or two. sfsd sent 22 firefighters and five engines east toward the sierra foothills where this morning, the so-called rim fire has now entered yosemite national park. remember, yosemite covers a lot of space it has not reached the valley floor where most of the tourists and lodging was located. it has crossed the park's western border around threatening th
us. i'm jon kelley. marla tellez has the day off. in just about two hours we'll be learning what caused a deadly limousine burning on the san mateo bridge. they've finished their investigation and this afternoon the details will be given to the public. the limousine driver's brother says he will not be charged. >> reporter: the chp office here in redwood city, they're very busy. they're getting ready for the press conference at 1:00 this afternoon. his attorney's office will be here with a number of others. they're expecting to reveal what led to the fire in the first place to see if there was any criminal wrongdoing involved and also we're expected to hear the 911 tape. i did just get off the phone with the brother of the man who was driving the limousine across the san mateo bridge on may 4th. he says that his brother, orville ricky brown, hasn't been charged with any criminal wrongdoings, and if he were to be, it would have happened a long time ago. brown was driving 9 nurses to a hotel in foster city who were celebrating the marriage when the back of the limo caught fire. fau
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